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Lynch Poo-Poos Peak Oil

Michael Lynch, a long term consultant to the oil industry and Hubbert Peak debunker for over two decades published another Op Ed piece in the New York Times on Friday, February 25, 2011. Since at least 1989, Mr. Lynch has … Continue reading

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Does a Gold Standard make sense?

Last week (2011 Feb 06-12) the question of backing the US dollar with something of value rose up yet again. Last Tuesday, Paul Ryan (Rep. WI) asked (or rather lectured) Ben Bernanke why the price of gold was rising, or … Continue reading

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Saudi Peak Oil

In 2007, Wikileaks released news that US consul cables from Saudi Arabia indicated that Saudi proven reserves were being overstated by nearly 50% and that they were not certain that Saudi’s would be able to maintain promised crude deliveries much … Continue reading

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