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Social Inequality – Zero Sum Games

Income shifts out of lower incomes into the upper levels, in a kind of zero sum game There has been an unusual stir in the recent news about the increase of income inequality in the United States. Wealthy households are … Continue reading

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Police, Martial Law and new directions

Police are not good enforcers for Martial Law.  Do they serve an over-purpose? On Friday, November 11, Police in Davis California used pepper spray to quell a quiet group of students participating in the current nation-wide protests. This never works.  … Continue reading

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Sudden Jumps and Surging Yen

The yen is not rising with unexpected jumps, it follows a 5 year linear trend. Hiroko Tabuchi published a New York times Business report last Wednesday (2011 Nov 09) on Toyota’s performance.  Ms. Tabuchi is a respected reporter who says … Continue reading

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Mercury, Power Plants, poison

Remember our discussion on mercury pollution and fluorescent tubes?  We pointed out that power plants emit about 60 tons of mercury into the environment every year, the nation’s biggest mercury polluters.  EPA has just passed regulations to almost halt all … Continue reading

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