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The Tuition Addition

Education debt soars with rising college tuition and correlated Piketty inequality, causing loss of opportunity in America Want a good job? Though experts say get an advanced degree, tuition costs continuously rise while salaries continuously drop.  If you agree to … Continue reading

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World Oil Production – Our Finite World

Just a note on a blog we’ve discussed before.   A perceptive analysis of our civilization’s current status in tapping its finite oil reservoir has been posted on Our Finite World.  It is called World Oil Production at 3/31/2014–Where Are We … Continue reading

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Piketty Under Attack

Piketty is under attack by the Far Right. They argue the data , or imply he is a hidden Communist. Thomas Piketty published the English translation of his Capital in the Twenty First Century (C21) and pulled his massive open … Continue reading

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ABM Test Finally Succeeded, Maybe

Successful test of troublesome ABM used known-flawed kill vehicle. Meaningful or theater? The U.S. successfully tested its anti-ICBM missile on 2014-Jun-22, with a launch from Vandenberg AFB in California.  News was trumpeted everywhere!  The LA Times says that the launch … Continue reading

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