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How To Peel A Mango

Peel a mango, remove its pit, without mess and in less than a minute. Same for any other stone fruit. Mangoes are my favorite fruit.  This even though they have a bad reputation for being really messy, wasteful to peel, … Continue reading

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Gini Index demonstrates Saez-Piketty Inequality

The Gini index demonstrates Saez-Piketty trends. These two very different markers show that inequality is increasing. The trend line for the Gini index (Gini)  is well correlated with the trend line from Saez-Piketty Inequality (SPI) studies, although these two ways … Continue reading

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Business Startups and Inequality

FiveThirtyEight posted on the decline of startups.  Who would have thought of Saez-Piketty inequality? New information shows that startup businesses in the U.S. have been following a declining trend since 1977.   This was posted by Ben Casselman, chief economics … Continue reading

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Are Tuition Costs Exaggerated?

Claims that college tuition rate rises cause problems are wrong. Or are they? Do rising college costs exclude some and force others into crippling loans that weaken their future?  Maybe that’s nonsense!  Maybe the exact opposite is true – aren’t … Continue reading

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Should oil trains get limited liability?

Exploding oil cars do not deserve a waiver from the costs they generate. Warren Buffett has requested that oil train companies get a liability limitation – just like nuclear power plants, so reports Heather Smith  in her 2014 Aug 6 … Continue reading

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